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CICRP : The Centre Interrégional de Conservation et Restauration du Patrimoine (C.I.C.R.P., Interregional Centre for Heritage Conservation and Restoration) fulfils a public service mission by contributing to the knowledge, preservation and restoration of cultural property. This mission is carried out in the form of scientific and technical consulting and assistance provided to the managers of public collections and to municipalities. Backed by its multidisciplinary teams and its array of scientific equipment, the CICRP is active in all areas of heritage conservation and restoration - evaluation, assessment, research, treatment and follow-up - on behalf of a wide variety of cultural heritage institutions, including museums, contemporary art centres, historical monuments, archives and libraries.

Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication Conseil régional PACA Conseil général des Bouches-du-Rhône Ville de Marseille

AIC : The Art Institute of Chicago is a not-for-profit institution whose mission is to collect, preserve ad interpret works of art representing the world's diverse artistic traditions, for the inspiration and education of the public and in accordance with the highest ethical standards and professional practices.
Founded in 1879 as both a museum and school, the Art Institute today has a collection encompassing more than 5,000 years of human expression from cultures around the world, with more than 300 000 works and a membership base totaling approximately 1M members. Especially renowned for its collections of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and American paintings, the museum conserves among its treasures, American Gothic by Grant Wood, Edward Hopper's Nighthawks, Georges Seurat's A Sunday on La Grande Jatte and over 30 works by Monet.
At the Art Institute a team of 20 conservators and scientists and 30 curators collaborate to study, exhibit and maintain the collection. Art Historical and scientific study combine to provide a deeper understanding of the cultural meaning, aesthetic quality, material character and structure of objects, knowledge that is essential for their conservation.

Musée Picasso d'Antibes : Picasso stayed at the château Grimaldi from mid-September to mid-November 1946, where he produced a great deal of work and left in trust 23 paintings and 44 drawings. The town of Antibes rename his musem "Picasso Museum" in 1966. From 1952 onwards, many donations and purchases, including "dation" from Jacqueline Picasso in 1991, have greatly enriched the Picasso collection in the museum.
Works by Nicolas de Stael, Hans Hartung, Anna-Eva Bergman and important artists of the 20th century are also on display. A remarkable collection of sculpture by Germaine Richier and work by Miró, Bernard Pagès and Anne and Patrick Poirier is on permanent view on the terrace. The Picasso museum is a "musée de France".


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Bruker Elemental: Bruker is known worldwide as a leader in all forms of X-ray analysis equipment ranging from handheld XRF analyzers to large XRF and XRD analyzers. Bruker Elemental, a technology leader in handheld XRF analyzers, provides a range of analyzers for use in many types of elemental analysis.
The Tracer series is the defacto standard in portable XRF analyzers used in authentication, conservation and restoration of art and other historic artifacts. This equipment can be used in both portable and bench top configurations to provide elemental identification and quantification.

The Archives Municipales de la Ville de Marseille make liberally available their auditorium. The Archives de Marseille are one of the oldest and most important local archives centre in France. The collection documents and illustrates the city's history from the 12th Century until now. The Archives are also keeping important private collection and a remarkable serie of iconographic documents. These documents and research instruments are at the public's disposal and are subjects of exhibitions and lectures regularly organized by the Cultural Action of the Archives.
Ville de Marseille

The simultaneous translation is supported by the Délégation Générale à la Langue Française et aux Langues de France (Ministère de la Culture).
Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication


Logo From Can to Canvas : Jean Paul D'Alife - atelier Sparrow

Photos : AIC Conservation department.

Photo C.I.C.R.P. : Jean-Paul Vandenbosche.

Photo of Musée Picasso, Antibes : Émilie Hubert (CICRP).

Web Site : Josée Valérie Murat (CICRP) and hosted by Complétel.

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